International Aero Engineering CNC Machining, Turning, and Fabrication Services


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CNC Machining, Turning, and Fabrication Services

CNC Machining, CNC Milling, Fabrication examples

Advanced CAD/CAM technology allows our Engineers to design or program efficiently and at a significant cost savings to you. A preview of your finished part can be printed to see if the results are per your specifications, before the design is transferred to a program readable by a state-of-the-art CNC mill, lathe, or machine center. This makes it possible for us to produce complex parts in a variety of configurations, which often requires combining forming techniques with machining and other operations.

We work with a variety of materials including alloy steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and machinable plastics or composites.

CNC Software

CATIA V5 , MasterCam V9, AutoCad.

CNC Machining

Fadal VMC 8030 Mill five (5) Axis. 80” x 30” table with 30” on the Z axis.
Hwacheon Cutex 240 Multi-Axis Control Turning Center with live tooling.
Matsurra RA-IG Mill Pallet Changer.
Bridgeport VMC 1000 with 4th and 5th Axis Capability.
Tree 1050, Tree Vertical Mill.
Okume Lathe.
Tree Lathe.
Okume Mill.


Bridgeport 2 HP Knee.



CNC Tool and Die Fabrication

Cutter Master Drill Grinder, Tennsmith Hand Brakes.

  • Grinders: Baldor, Covel 19” Surface Grinder, Precision, Chevalier II FSG-618M.
  • Drill Presses: Orbit, IPS-DP, Clausing.
  • Metal Cutting: Johnson Metal Cutting Machine, Niagra Power Shear.
  • Deburring Machines – Electric: Burr-King # 482, Speed-D-Burr 4 cubic foot tub Vibro-Machine.
  • Bandsaws.
  • Spot welders for all alloys.