As a buyer of a large cabin aircraft, you are faced with many challenges
and decisions regarding outfitting such as exterior painting, interior
configuration, material selection and much, much more before it can
take flight.


International Aero assists purchasers of new large and mid-size corporate aircraft with the selection of manufacturer presented options for exterior pattern, veneers, cabinetry, seating, fabrics and more, and by pointing out additional options, which may be available. By managing the entire outfitting process, IAE can safeguard the integrity of your design, assuring that the highest quality standards are met thereby avoiding costly delays.

In the case of the purchase new Boeing Business Jets or modification of used aircraft, first you have to select a designer to create an interior layout as well as an exterior paint scheme; then you have to find the right facilities for application. Following this, you need to select resources to engineer and fabricate the interior along with any additional avionics or cabin entertainment systems desired. Finding all these necessary resources and coordinating their activities can be a daunting task.

In all cases, we carefully monitor and inspect all preparation work, exterior pattern layout, review all interior outfitting or refurbishing quality and provide all quality control up to final acceptance. As you can imagine, the impact of the decisions made here can have significant consequences in terms of both cost and downtime. You need an expert to make it all happen.

That’s where IA comes in.

The fact is that many manufacturers and outfitting centers often make recommendations that are in their best interest, not yours. IA oversees and works in your best interest to make sure that the completion of every facet of your project meets your specifications and the highest standards. By providing the integrated resources and project management you need, we can ensure a take-off that’s both on time and on budget.

Your IA project manager is available every day to assure your project is progressing as planned and to answer any questions, which may arise. As with any large engineering project, while the general scope of the project may be defined in the design phase, there are generally hundreds, if not thousands, of details that require decisions throughout the process. Most customers cannot afford to spend the time necessary to deal with all the day-to-day decisions required to stay on schedule.
We not only deal with all of these issues, we provide our clients with weekly reports about the status of their project along with photographs of work in progress. Once the project is completed, we accompany the customer during the final test flight and acceptance process and document any discrepancies that may be found. After delivery, we continue to track and manage any warranty issues, helping you to have any such issues resolved.

Our obsession is perfection.

As a buyer of a large cabin aircraft, you are faced with many challenges and decisions regarding outfitting such as exterior painting, interior configuration, material selection and much, much more before it can take flight.

Together, the three senior managers at IA have over sixty years combined experience in the corporate jet aircraft business. We have nearly fifty years combined experience working for or dealing with some of the world’s leading suppliers of large cabin, corporate jet aircraft. We hold FAA certifications as pilots, Airframe and Powerplant mechanics and various certifications through Flight Safety for maintenance and pilot training. Our experience includes working for large corporate flight departments, working in director positions at leading aircraft manufacturers, working as a corporate pilot, and managing various large cabin-outfitting projects.

In addition to project management, International Aero has divisions that provide professional aircraft detailing services throughout the world. We have aircraft painters, an aircraft upholstery shop and an aircraft cabinet finishing shop. These services provide us with quick access to experts in each of these fields for guidance and advice. We also have a division that engineers and manufactures precision parts and test equipment for aircraft. Engineers on staff are proficient at modern engineering computer applications such as AutoCAD 2000, Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application (CATIA) and CADAM.

IA is a member of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) and is among those listed as an “approved vendor” for Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation.

We also hold degrees in business from USC and Pepperdine University.


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