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Research & Development

Our customers often have manufacturing design concepts or needs that International Aero Engineering eagerly supports with our experienced team members who are expert in applied research and development protocols.

Whether the opportunity involves the development of new products or the improvement of existing products, International Aero Engineering can take your project from concept to finished product utilizing state of the art engineering software and cutting edge manufacturing technologies.

Examples of research and development capabilities include:

Eclipse Concept Jet / E400 Mockup

Eclipse Concept Jet / E400 Mockup

Eclipse Aviation, maker of the EA500 VLJ, initiated a project to build a new single engine jet. The plan required building a full scale flying prototype as well as a static display mockup. IAE was tasked with building the static display, and painting both the static display and the flying prototype.

This extraordinary project was completed in approximately 90 days from inception, demonstrating IAE’s ability to coordinate and execute such a complex project.

Working closely with Swift Engineering who provided the fuselage section, IAE designed and constructed the interior components of the mockup according to Swift’s ergonomic design, as well as detailed input from Eclipse. Work included:

  1. Modification of EA500 seat frames and fabrication of completely new seats per styling direction and geometric considerations for the new aircraft. Completed seats were fully functional and finished in the finest upholstery available.
  2. Design of a complete instrument panel, with provisions for MFD and PDF panels, all relevant switches, gaspers, side mounted control sticks, glare shield and backlighting.
  3. Design of lower console that included an innovative rotating throttle control, landing gear and flap switches. A custom computer keyboard and retracting drawer were incorporated into the sculpted structure.
  4. Fabrication of interior panels, floor and bulkhead, requiring seamless integration into the exterior fuselage.
  5. Interior finish elements including functional lighting, panel and bulkhead covering, carpeting and logo embroidery.

See the Eclipse Concept Jet/E400 story (3.5MB PDF)

Portable tow-bars

Aircraft portable tow-bars:

IAE has developed a unique folding tow-bar mechanism that allows users to stow and carry the unit on board the aircraft for convenient use at locations that might not have an appropriate device to move their aircraft. Key features include a locking mechanism that keeps the tow-bar assembly rigid in its deployed configuration, lightweight and a small shape for stowage.




Custom artistic lighting:

Custom artistic lighting

For the customer seeking custom aircraft lighting, IAE provides design and manufacturing of specialized lamp fixtures suitable for aircraft installation. Styling is established by interior designers, and engineered for weight, illumination, installation and serviceability by the staff at IAE. This careful coordination results in absolutely unique sconce and table lighting pieces that become focus elements for the styling of the aircraft interior.



Custom illuminated artwork:

Custom artistic lighting

For the customer interested in wall mounted artwork, IAE provides the design and manufacturing of unique framed illuminated panels which utilize carved three dimensional imagery resulting in a strong and unique visual statement. Images include everything from logos, to portraits, to scenes including animals or landscapes. These pieces bring a strong sense of individuality, reflecting the focus, theme and imagery of the individuals who own the aircraft. The artwork is performed in the style of old-world glass carving which leaves a lasting impression on all who see them.